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Media persons to get Smart Nadra Card at half rate

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to woo journalists and the media, the PML-N government has announced 50 per cent discount to all the media men for obtaining the new Nadra smart card, a new chip containing computerized national identity card, which costs an ordinary citizen Rs1,500.

Journalists already enjoy great benefits and luxuries at the expense of poor tax payers’ money and through misuse of state resources. These benefits include bestowing of expensive plots,discounted air and rail travels, many free government services, subsidized food in different press clubs with government budgets, foreign travels and sometimes hard cash through so-called secret funds.

The PML-N now has introduced a new package for journalists underwhich all the members of any press club in Pakistan would be provided new technologically advanced Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) on

fifty percent discount. According to a notification issued by the Nadra now all the journalists would enjoy the same smart card for just micro-chip could be used as driving license at Rs750. According to Nadra officials, in future, this card will contain even an ATM card.

While giving viewpoint of Nadra, senior officials maintained on Monday that different organizations of journalists including delegation of press clubs were continuously making demand for discounted rates for the journalists. “Keeping in view this demand, it has been decided to give fifty percent discount to journalists across the country for obtaining this card,” a senior official maintained.

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