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Media: need to act responsibly

THIS is with reference to the letter ‘Responsibility of the media’ by Syeda Madiha Rizvi (Oct 17).

While appreciating the good work of the media, she, in her last sentence, also suggests that the media should act responsibly because it leaves a great impact on people.

While agreeing with the concluding view of the writer, I would say that responsibility comes with maturity and accountability.

I have two questions to ask: has our media, especially the electronic media, grown? Is our media accountable to anyone for the misdeeds it has committed?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then I have every right to say that the various private TV channels of the country would not have dared to sensationalise news, both in their news bulletins and talk shows, without really verifying the same.

If private TV channels have now been emphasising the need to make politicians accountable for their wrongdoings, these channels should then also make themselves accountable before the people for airing wrong or unauthenticated news in their programmes.

I am a strong supporter of the freedom of the media (both electronic and print). But at the same time I do believe that these channels should work within their professional boundaries and avoid creating confusion and harassment among their viewers by airing unsounded and false news.

An unbridled horse always creates problems for its master. I, therefore, think that there should be a minimum code of conduct for our electronic media so that it acts responsibly and with great maturity.

Source: Dawn