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Media, Madaris bodies to be consulted for reforms

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ISLAMABD: The top civil and military leadership of the country has though developed consensus on most of the policy decisions to fight terrorism, the strategy on media and madaris would be finalised in consultation with the professional bodies of these two powerful sections of the society.

Both media and madaris, which have been generally operating in an unchecked and unregulated manner, are considered to have their share in the spread of terrorism in Pakistan so they have to be regulated and monitored.

According to sources, it was discussed in the meeting that media’s coverage of terrorist attacks served the terrorists’ purpose of terrorising the people causing harassment in the society.

It was also noted that the statements, threats and interviews of terrorists and representatives of proscribed organisations are broadcast and published by the media as a routine affair which helps serve the purposes of the terrorist organisations and facilitates their designs.

There was a consensus that such coverage of terrorist and proscribed organisations by the media should be banned. In order to make it possible, the civil and military leadership instead of taking a decision on their own, decided to finalise the strategy in consultation with the media and journalist bodies.

With regard to madaris, it was noted that most of the religious schools are going fine and are not source of any concern. However, there is a small percentage of such madaris which produce extremists and cause hatred. Registration and regulation of madaris was considered essential. Besides the registration of the madaris, it was said that the audit of funding of the religious schools is also required.

But like the media’s case, it was decided to settle this issue in consultation with Ulema and representative boards of madaris of different schools of thought.

It was also discussed that the government or any other forum and authority should also avoid running a campaign against madaris in general. Only the trouble-making religious schools should be focused, it was agreed.

Meanwhile it is learnt that during the 11-hour meeting of the top civil and military leadership, only three political leaders including Imran Khan, Sirajul Haq and Maulana Fazlur Rehman directly or indirectly discussed America and its policies towards the Muslims.

Imran Khan stated his party’s position in the post 9/11 scenario and explained how the US war on terror and Washington’s policy of “do more” towards Pakistan led us to this present situation.

Sirajul Haq was of the view that Pakistan should not overlook the US policies towards the Muslims and how Washington deals with different Muslims countries. The Jamaat-e-Islami chief was of the view that the West has evil designs against Pakistan and the Islamic countries.

These sources said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman also talked about the international conspiracies against Muslims and Pakistan but he was cautious in naming anyone including the US. None of the representative of other political parties including PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP and others touched this issue.

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