Media fed on misery

Pakistan Press Foundation

December 16 left another blow on our hearts, every eye was weeping and burdened by unbearable loss. Pakistan became the first to witness such atrocious barbarism. Immediately after the incident, the electronic media was flooded with blood splattered footage of the school, dead bodies of the young martyrs, wailing family members and many such lamenting images. I agree that reporting the fact is the basic responsibility of the media but as a student of journalism myself, I failed to find a single clause which permits the media to consistently bombard us with programs related to this massacre.

Hijacking the house of survivors and hounding the family members with cameras and microphones during the burial rituals was outrageous. Asking the parents pointless questions and reminding them how brutally their child was assassinated can traumatize them forever. We are in need of psychologists and trauma recovery specialists on TV shows, who can help the families and the nation recover from this heinous tragedy. If we can’t put a halt to catastrophes then we can at least accelerate the recovery process through TV.

The Nation