Media content monitoring of three television networks Call for Proposals (Deadline extended to April 25 2014) -Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

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Media content monitoring of three television networks Call for Proposals (Deadline extended to April 25 2014)

Pakistan Press Foundation

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF),one of the leading organizations in Pakistan, working on developing the standards of Pakistani media invites proposals from organizations with at least three years’ experience in content monitoring and analysis for conducting an ethical media content’ audit of three renowned television networks.

PPF is a founding member of the Global Ethical Journalism Network and is involved in research on ethics in media organizations in Pakistan. PPF has also been involved in various media strengthening activities like conducting trainings of journalists on increased standards of journalism. It has been committed to promote greater awareness of social and development issues through the media.


PPF’s Call for proposals has been announced for the monitoring of their upcoming media audit; as part their partnership with Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism (CEJ). The Media Ethical Audit is one of the many activities planned under CEJ that aims to sustain evidence based advocacy in order to promote ethical media practices in the industry along with increased knowledge base of the same in PCEJ members. The ‘Ethical Media Audit’ by Pakistan Press Foundation as per CEJ Principles of Ethical Journalism will contribute directly to the mission and objectives of PCEJ by creating an empirical knowledge base for ethical media.

Project Details:

The Ethical Media Audit will monitor and analyze content of three media television networks namely Geo News, Express TV and Aaj News through trained monitors to document areas of strengths and weaknesses, along with the identification of areas where ethical practices could be improved.

There will be focus on media coverage against professional principles thatinclude the right of access, allocation of coverage and balance in the media. The project’s findings will be determined through a well-defined methodology. Here after, there sults will be shared with the media and civil society in order to generate healthy debates and discussions to facilitate the improvement of professional standards of journalism in the country.

Objectives and Deliverables 

The Ethical Media Audit aims to develop larger media understanding and consensus for ethical and responsible journalism practices by conducting media ethics research and audit, systematic monitoring and analysis of news content of three leading Pakistani media houses.  The expected impact of the project will be greater awareness among journalists and industry at large about ethics and ethical practices, leading to more effective self-regulation mechanisms that promote ethical media practices and policies. The ethical audit process is also meant to act as a baseline survey for current quality control mechanisms in media institutions and their effectiveness.

Specific objectives include:

  • To provide empirical knowledge base needed to CEJ to help lobby journalists, editors and media owners take action to remove unethical practices that hinder the provision of information that is more accurate, impartial and fair.
  • To orient news staff on media ethics in leading news groups and to provide empirical knowledge for self-regulation mechanisms to protect citizens’ rights to unbiased and objective information.
  • To provide an accessible and coherent picture of how media institutions work, their aims, objectives, command & control structure, implementation of ethics’ code and gaps at various content administration levels.
  • To gather information on coverage of major political and social issues covered by the media, and to pinpoint deficiencies that should be remedied.

Deliverables and Terms of Reference:

  1. The period of monitoring will be consisting of three months.
  2. The monitoring organisation will be responsible for monitoring of two main news bulletins on three leading channels on a daily bases on the following issues:
    i. Politics/governance/foreign policy
    ii. Human rights/social justice
    iv. Institutions state/non-state/corruption
  3. The monitoring organisation will be responsible for providing a fortnightly analysis report on the bases of their daily monitoring on the given criteria.
  1. The monitoring organisation will be responsible for providing a final analytical report at the end of the project with recommendations for the monitored channels in a separate report for each.
  2. The monitoring organisation will also be responsible for providing clippings of monitored bulletin at the end of the project for making necessary interventions with the mentioned channels.

Proposal Submission deadline:

Interested organisations should submit complete proposal including budgets latest by April 25, 2014.

Proposals should be submitted to:

Postal Address:
Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)
Press Centre
Shahrah Kamal Ataturk