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Media and the govt’s relief effort

UN says 800,000 cut off by Pakistan floods

THIS is apropos of your editorial ‘Media blackout’ (Aug 12) and the report ‘Media urged to highlight relief efforts’ (Aug 19). The constructive role of the media in highlighting and exposing social evils, corruption, injustice, oppression, persecutions and other vices of our society can hardly be overlooked or denied. The free, bold and impartial media help build an impressive and sound image for the country internationally.

It is heartening to witness the media growing in power with each passing day, voicing the truth fearlessly and vociferously despite all odds.

The media mirrors society. We have different newspapers and channels depicting what goes around in a forceful and meaningful manner. Now, with so much power at its disposal, we have huge expectations from the media to perform its effective role impartially, honestly, judiciously and conscientiously.

Now, a huge responsibility lies on the media to act sensibly and wisely.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira has rightly urged the media to highlight the relief efforts of the government in the wake of devastating floods in the country so that the negative impression that the government is doing nothing for the flood-affected people may be dispelled .

The rescue and relief efforts and activities initiated by the government must also be given proper coverage. The government is also urged not to get involved in the petty war against the media by clamping down the channels; rather it should, with tolerance and broadmindedness, seek guidance from the media to improve their performance to restore their lost confidence and credibility.

All TV channels and newspapers are also requested not to blow trivial issues out of proportion. Being the watchdog of society, they must perform their duties sensibly and avoid going overboard in their reporting of news. Both our government and the media are supposed to work in their respective parameters in the larger interest of Pakistan.

Source: Dawn