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Sir: Nowadays what we are witnessing on television shows is completely outrageous and totally unacceptable in any civilized society. Last night I saw an interview of one of the kingpins of the Lyari gang war, who had given this interview from some undisclosed location. In the said interview, a television channel tried to glorify a criminal and projected him as a symbol of resistance against the other criminal gang that is holed up in Lyari at the moment.

The same channel in its shows has shown the other gang leaders and projected their points of view as well. This access to the media has provided criminals another shelter and a medium from where they can influence the youth of the country. My only request to the authorities responsible in news channels for the quality of content is that we should not give airtime to criminals and refrain from glorifying them, since we need heroes like Dr Abdul Salam and Malala Yusafzai and so many other Pakistanis who have achieved and sacrificed to keep the national flag high. We definitely don’t need dacoits, mafia people, notorious criminals and other anti-social elements as our role models. This mad race of getting better ratings is getting us nowhere.


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