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Mature decisions

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YouTube is a known to all of us; we can easily say that it is the most popular social website, every imaginable video can be found on this website from ‘how to’ videos to political advertisements. The influence which YouTube has on communication can be seen through the various videos which are put on the site by different organizations. Even different Universities professors and teachers have uploaded their important lectures on every topic on this website.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, same is the case with YouTube; it is a personal choice to use it for evil or good. The government has blocked this site due to reasons best known to them, maybe because it has many videos of politicians and generals indulging in illegal and unethical things, but regarding the contents, we the citizens of Pakistan have the right to use it especially the students who look for lectures and information. it’s the duty of our government to take measures to block things it does not want the people in Pakistan to watch but blocking it is not a solution, the country needs to grow up and mature and the politicians should make mature decisions!


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