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Malala’s advice to youths on use of social media

Pakistan Press Foundation

MALALA Yousafzai has told teenagers to stop using social media to post pictures and get ‘likes’, and start using it to highlight women’s issues.

Speaking at the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre, she said: “I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, it needs time, but it’s my message to every teenager that this is a great way for you to raise the issues that children are facing, of child trafficking, or FGM.

“Don’t use it just to post pictures and then comment on it and get likes or followers.”

Malala was talking on the International Women’s Day. She said: “[Teenagers should] use these resources in a good way as a source of highlighting the problems that women are facing.

“I’m not against [social media] because you need some time to enjoy [things], but if you use it in a good way, it can highlight issues that girls are facing in India and in Pakistan.

“It would be great for them because they know that someone is speaking out for them,” she said.

The education activist also spoke about her disappointment that she felt in the UK to find that the “modern” country still had a sizeable gender gap in its parliament.

She said: “I was quite surprised that here women are given rights. But when you go into depth, you hear that there are only 22 per cent or less [women] in parliament and the CEOs of big companies [are] mainly men, you realise it’s far better than other countries, but there’s still so much that needs to be done.”—Courtesy The Telegraph


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