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Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, best dressed according to NCCA

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Our government loves surprising the citizens of Pakistan. Usually, we don’t tend to see eye to eye, like Tahir Shah so eloquently penned it, with what our government is doing and it seems as though the National Council of Culture and Arts has continued with this grand tradition. What we’re talking about is a list of well dressed personalities, men and women, of 2016, released by NCCA.

We’re pretty sure that many people will unanimously agree with a few names on this list. For instance, the consistently stylish Hina Rabbani Khar who revolutionized the way female politicians carry themselves. Of course, Mahira Khan is also on this list and we’re hardly surprised as Pakistan’s favourite female star of the hour can do no wrong when it comes to picking the right outfit to wear and her numerous flawless LSA red carpet appearances are proof of that.

However, when you go further down the list, you’ll find Ayesha Omar’s name on this list and as much as we’re fond of Ayesha, her sartorial sensibilities are often questionable.

A name we were truly shocked to see though is Nadia Hussain and while Omar’s wardrobe oscillates between what’s hot and what’s not, Hussain really makes some shockingly unfashionable choices on the red carpet and elsewhere.

Regardless, we’re so inspired to see NCCA taking such keen interest in what our celebrities and other important names of Pakistan, are wearing; if this won’t encourage the arts of Pakistan then we don’t know what will (sarcasm intended.)

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