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Local press photographer sustain burn injuries

ISLAMABAD, JANUARY 15: A local press photographer sustained serious burn injuries in a demonstration held here under the aegis of Imamia Students Organization (ISO) when the protesters set on fire effigies of the US president Bill Clinton and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A number of press photographers in an effort to catch a good snap of the burning effigies gathered in a semi circle round the youth carrying the effigies. While the photographers were trying to capture the best moment a number of demonstrators and spectators were pushing each other to get into the frame of press photographers. In the commotion one boy took out a bottle full of kerosene oil and sprinkled it on the effigies.

As he was sprinkling kerosene he got a strong push from the crowd and some of the oil fell on a photographer, Agha Mehroze, standing next to him. When somebody from the crowd lit a match the clothes of the photographer also caught fire.

People started running for their life as photographer engulfed in a huge fireball was shouting and running here and there for help.

Some of his colleagues threw their jackets on him and saved him. Later he was rushed to hospital where he was reported to be out of danger.

Earlier the ISO took out a procession to mark the day of solidarity with Palestinian people. The procession after marching on different roads in the capital converged at Aab Para where they held a public meeting.

Senator Abidul Hussaini and other Shia leaders spoke at the meeting and condemned Israeli occupation of Al Quds. They called upon the Muslims particularly the Sheikhdom and Kingdom of Middle East to wage a jihad to end what they said illegal occupation of Palestine.

Source: Dawn