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lnternet traffic disturbs connectivity

LAHORE- Increasing traffic of Internet users to Gulberg Telephone Exchange is creating connectivity problems for the users as majority of Internet service providers (ISPs) fall under this exchange.

A cross section of Internet users told that they were facing severe problems regarding connectivity with their ISPs and usually their connection dropped in the peak hours (from 7.00 pm to 11:00 pm). They said that usually they found the connections of the ISPs busy during the peak hours. When contacted, sponsors of a local ISP said that they were facing severe problems because of incompatibility of the some of the exchanges of the Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL).

They said that currently PTCL was operating more than one type of exchanges, made by Siemens, Ericson and some Chinese companies. However Chinese exchanges were giving thought time to the subscribers with the unreliable connectivity. He quoted a recent example when the Internet users from Samanabad Exchange and Central Exchange, calling to the Gulberg Exchange received busy tone. While on the receiving end more than 20 lines of that very ISP were lying idle.

They said when the local divisional engineer of PTCL was informed about that, he declined to believe and visited the spot to assess the claim. However, he could not present any technical justification after examining the situation.

Mr Zubair Divisional Engineer PTCL, whose name was referred by PTCL’s Public Relations Officer, said that it seemed ridiculous that the exchanges of different brands were incompatible to each other. He said actually, the connectivity problem was due to the one-way traffic to the Gulberg Exchange during 7 pm to 11 pm.

As majority of the customers are calling to their ISPs during these hours and cross-circuits are small in number, therefore, sometimes they find it difficult to get it through.” He said that another reason for that virtual blockage was the major chunk of traffic inflow into the Gulberg Exchange while there was hardly any outgoing signal.

He, however, said that the PTCL was planning to enhance the cross-circuits between different exchanges so that the customers could avoid such problems.

Source: The Nation