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Live and Let Live opens at Momart

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KARACHI: Tabinda Chinoy is an artist with established credentials. It would be an understatement to say that she knows how to make colours and lines speak like sentient beings. So whenever she comes up with something new, it creates curiosity among art lovers to see what boundaries the artist has now pushed. Chinoy’s latest series of artworks in an exhibition at the Momart Gallery, which opened on Tuesday evening, is another feather in her cap. The paintings exhibited have the typical Chinoy feel to them and at the same time give off a fresh vibe that is indicative of the artist’s intellectual progress.

What Chinoy is looking to attain or wants her characters in the artworks to attain is peace. It is obvious from the title of the show ‘Live and Let Live’. However, peace is a double-edged sword here, mainly because it’s an intangible thing that we tend to believe manifests itself in different physical ways. They say if you’re peaceful, if a city is peaceful, it shows. Chinoy tries to draw the viewer into this debate without making her own statement.

‘Introspection’ is a compelling exhibit in that regard. The title indicates that the subject shown in the piece is in the midst of an ongoing process. Another look would suggest that she has probably gone beyond the introspective phase.

‘White Flower’ smartly plays on the idea of multiple identities. Yes, there are more than one character involved, but then they seem to come from the same social background. The eyes of one of them set her apart from the rest, for she does not have the morose look on her face as some of the other Chinoy characters have.

‘The Family’ is a work of art that despite gelling with the theme of the show looks visually distinct. It’s a social commentary garbed in aesthetic grace, and that’s why it’s a charming piece.

‘Live and Let Live’ encapsulates many a subject that is why it is, in a manner of speaking, the artist’s world view.

The exhibition will remain open till May 10.