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Life Sciences Research: PAS hosting regional workshop on bio-safety & bio-security

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Pakistan Academy of Sciences is hosting the regional workshop on bio-safety and bio-security in life sciences research with the close collaboration of ISESCO and COMSATS. The key objectives of this workshop is to provide hands-on training in Bio-safety and principles of bio-security to researchers and to strengthen linkages among them and forerunners in the field of bio-safety for evolving ongoing training programmes in the mode of South-South Cooperation.

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (ISESCO) being one of the largest international organisations of Islamic Countries is promoting cooperation among Islamic Countries in the fields of education, science, culture and communication, developing applied sciences and use of advanced technology within the framework of Islamic values and also contributing to the global efforts of world peace and security. In Pakistan, The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) has been showing lasting commitment for the S&T-led socio-economic uplift of the developing countries since 1994.

Addressing to the participants, Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change said that today, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering are being used to tap the potential of DNA and micro-organisms for addressing the most pressing issues related to food security, disease eradication, as well as for providing low-cost industrial applications.

In his view, it is a high-time to initiate efforts for developing a National Bio-security Plan to address concerns regarding Pakistan’s preparedness for bio-threats in the sectors of environment, agriculture, health and others. He also said that Ministry is directed to improve the quality and pace of research in Life Sciences, with a particular focus on socio-economic development of the country.

Dr Zabta K Shinwari, Sec General, PAS said that research in Pakistan is progressing speedily as compared to last ten years, now there is tenfold increase in research publications. We have well established system of research investigation in our institutes. He was pleased upon informing that Pakistan falls in top ten countries that are growing genetically modified crops. Highlighting the issue of transport of infectious material, Dr Aamer Ikram, President PBSA, emphasised on developing national implementation action plan for bio-security and surveillance.

Dr Imtinan Ilahi, ED, COMSATS while appreciating ISESCO and PAS collaboration in the event said that we will go to the other regions of the world to spread the same message of collective bio-security. COMSATS as community always welcome for south-south cooperation and works hard for the promotion of socio economic development.

Indeed, this event has brought forth experts recommendations for developing organisational and national policies on bio-safety and bio-security. People from various backgrounds including Academicians, researchers particularly from Quaid-e-Azam University and CIIT, scientists and other technical officers working in the fields of Agriculture, Bio-safety, Bio-security, Life Sciences Research and Microbiology had participated with great interest

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