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LHRLA demands Darul Aman issue investigated

KARACHI – The Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, IG Prison and Minister for Women Development and Social Welfare have been urged to take urgent steps to thoroughly review the conditions of correctional facilities for women in Sindh province. This was stated during a meeting of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA) convened to discuss the reported escape of seven women from Hyderabad Darnl Arnan on August 1 and allegations of forced prostitution leveled by these women against the administration of Darul Aman, after their recovery from Nawabshah, a press release of LHRLA released in Karachi on August 3 said.

Zia Ahmed Awan, president LHRLA, while speaking on the occasion said that allegations made by the recovered women were very serious and demand immediate attention of concerned quarters. He informed that many human rights organizations and activists in past claimed gross mismanagement and misconduct by the jail and Darul Aman authorities and I added that the recent Hyderabad Darul Aman Case testifies the authenticity of these claims.

The human rights advocate recomended that women development and social welfare ministry should conduct an inquiry to ascertain the real facts of the case through a joint committee comprising of high court judge, representative from women development ministry and a member from any civil society organization. He added that the inquiry report should be made public within 15 days and those found guilty be punished according to the law of the land.

The LHRLA president observed that government and civil society organizations should work in tandem to solve the problems of incarcerated women in the province. He added that the non­governmental organizations having expertise to tackle the violations of human rights inside jail and Darul Aman through sensitization and human rights trainings of the concerned staff but they need government’s support in this regard.

Source: Daily Times