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Level of debate on TV

The performance of spokespersons of various political parties on media channels seems to have turned into a clash of egos.

Instead of talking on issues and using refined language to convince the other and the audience, the discussion turns out to be a verbal wrestling match.

This includes using loud voice, aggressive language, mudslinging and reference to past misdeeds.

Opponents seem to have rigid ideas, and refuse to be flexible. They claim that their party`s position to be always right which is indeed difficult.

Earlier it was interesting to see various political personalities live on television. Television has now revealed the true personalities behind the faces.

No longer can a politician hide behind a newspaper statement.

The Pakistani media managers should try to invite diverse personalities who are intelligent, flexible, good listeners and communicators.

We also need commentators who are willing to bridge the gaps instead of instigating the guests on the show. Such egoistical programmes may be instrumental in incurring revenues but media persons should have a vision for the future.

As innovators and creators, media persons should create new themes which contain excellent content, real issues, humour and a dash of sensationalism.

The example of the US presidential debate is a point of reference.

As movers and shakers it is the job of media persons to shape the opinion of the audience.

Pakistan needs a strong and independent media which portrays the true image, strengths, opportunities and problems of Pakistan.
Source: Dawn