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Laws on cyber crimes urged

KARACHI- Speakers at a seminar on ‘Cyber Crime’, emphasised on making laws to deal with emerging crimes relating to the Internet.

The seminar, organized by the Sindh Police at the Traffic Police Auditorium, Driving License Branch, was told that at least 30,000 hackers websites exist on the Internet. There are many threats such as penetration, viruses, malicious data-driven attack, etc, to PC hard disks, as well as sites of organizations on the Internet. The destruction of computer device or hard disk, through unfair means or data driven attack of a website, by hackers, was as heinous a crime as murder, the speakers maintained.

They were of the view that many of the countries in the world had come across cyber criminals and amended their laws to deal with such criminals. Specific laws to handle the impending situation should be made before arising such a situation in the country.

The chief guest, provincial finance minister, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, while delivering his speech, expressed the view that cyber crime was a complicated subject and it was time to consider the drafting of laws to deal with the impending situation. He said that there would be the matter of jurisdiction which was a problem and there was also a lot of homework to do.

Aftab Nabi, the Sindh police chief, said the digital movement of cash at lightening speed, electronic transfers of billions of dollars in money laundering, credit card frauds and fraudulent purchases of commodities across the globe were vital concerns relating to the security of commercial transaction. Similarly, drug-pushing, women trafficking, espionage and terrorism, etc, using the medium of the Internet, posed a serious threat to life, privacy and liberty.

“The existing federal laws do not provide a sufficient basis for effective investigation and prosecution of unlawful conduct that involves the use of the Internet. The potential for new or existing tools and capabilities to educate and empower parents, teachers and others, to prevent or minimize risks from unlawful conduct is also inadequate,” said the provincial police chief.

He further said that the investigation and prosecution of offenders involved in the commission of cyber crimes was extremely difficult in the absence of a specialized law, which addressed the subject, specifically.

Among those who also spoke on the occasion included Niaz A. Siddiki, Additional IGP Sindh and Richard Batka, the chief design architect of an Internet-based organization.

Source: Dawn