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Law Ministry vets draft cyber crime bill

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for IT Anusha Rahman has said that it is a great achievement of the Ministry of IT that the comprehensive draft of cyber crime bill which was finalised a few days back has been vetted and endorsed by the Ministry of Law and Justice. “Now we are going to table it before the cabinet,” she said while lauding the efforts of the Ministry of IT, ISPAK, PASHA and Barrister Zahid Jameel in drafting this important legislation after consultation with all the stakeholders, including PTA and FIA.

Anusha Rahman said that in this era of technology a comprehensive cyber law was direly needed to check unauthorised access to information systems and growing tendency of cyber crimes so that criminals, offenders could be effectively prosecuted. In the recent past cyber crimes have increased significantly due to the absence of appropriate law. “While on the verge of introducing 3G/4G services in the country, we are happy that we would also be having a comprehensive cyber law which is prepared in accordance with the international best practices so that we have effective legal cover to cope with the new challenges due to this technological advancement,” the minister added. The minister of state also said that through this cyber crime legislation, electronic/cyber crimes such as illegal access of data, hacking, interference with personal data and information systems, electronic forgery, e-frauds, cyber terrorism and e-crime against woman would also be effectively addressed and abuse of technology would be checked appropriately.

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