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Law eases media curbs

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KARACHI: The Press and Publications (Amendment) Ordinance of 1963 promulgated by the two provincial governments on September 2 has been replaced in each province by a new one.

This was announced last night in Lahore by the West Pakistan Law Minister and in Dacca by the East Pakistan Governor who now holds the Law portfolio.

The second Amendment to the Ordinance of 1960 greatly eases the `press curbs` imposed by the First Government of 1963 which had caused widespread criticism.

Announcing the decision, which the Provincial Governments have taken on the recommendation of the President, the West Pakistan Law Minister, Mr Ghulam Nabi Memon, said: `This is the first time that a law has been amended in such a short time as a concession to opinion expressed by a section of the public.

Under the modified law, the major obstacles to a fair and free reporting of the proceedings of the legislatures as well as of High Courts and other lower judicial tribunals have been removed and practical working difficulties met.