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=> LAHORE – FIA is going to set up Cyber Crime Police

LAHORE – FIA is going to set up Cyber Crime Police Station in the City to curb cyber terrorism and crimes relating to electronic transaction, sources in the Agency disclosed to The Nation here on Friday.

It is worth mentioning here that President Pervez Musharraf promulgated Thursday Electronic Crime Ordinance 2007 in the country to combat cyber related terrorism and according to the ordinance capital punishment and sentence up to seven years with Rs 10 million penalty could be awarded to accused as per the intensity of crime.

Sources said to run Lahore Cyber Police Station forensic expert and investigation staff had been hired and shortly it would start functioning.

A premises for the purpose had also been hired in Cavalry Ground area and equipment were also being purchased for police station.

A race for the appointment of SHO has also been started among the FIA officials. An SHO is already performing in FIA Cyber Crime Wing at the FIA Regal Chowk office.

An officer of FIA seeking anonymity said prima facie three police stations would be established at Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi and gradually it would be extended to the rest of the cities of the country. He said training was being imparted to the official concerned through various technical courses.

An officer said police station would help the people to log all Cyber Crimes there.

By formation of the police station cyber crimes would be defined and it would further assist the law making institutions of the state to make ‘CYBER LAWS’ on priority basis.

He said with promulgation of said ordinance Pakistan would become 42nd country of the world where cyber related laws existed.

Commenting upon the newly-promulgated Ordinance he said it would maintain respect for privacy of internet users.

Another official of FIA said cyber police station was the project of the National Response Center for Cyber Crimes which is the focal point for gathering information on threats to critical infrastructures. It is the principal means of facilitating and coordinating the federal governmentÂ’s response to an incident, mitigating attacks, investigating threats, and monitoring reconstitution efforts.

The NR3C includes investigators and analysts experienced in computer crimes and infrastructure protection. It is under process of being linked electronically to the rest of the federal and local governments.

The NR3C provides law enforcement and intelligence information and reports to relevant federal, state, and local agencies, Before disseminating such information, the NR3C coordinates with the intelligence community to protect national security interests.
Source: The Nation