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Killing of Shias

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By: Naveed Abbas

The year 2012 proved exceptionally violent in terms of sectarian killings across the country, marking a new phase even in Pakistan’s shameful history of sectarian mayhem. In a country where terrorists are running amok, the state, it seems, is making their job easy by enduring gory episodes of upheaval and violence, the latest one being the attack on three buses of Shia pilgrims in Balochistan in which 19 pilgrims were killed. This brutal killing of Shias is yet another example of inept governance in Balochistan.

How long will these massacres continue? How many innocent people will be killed in the country in the name of religion and sect? Mere condemnation of such incidents is not enough. The core problem remains unaddressed. The government, especially the prime minister and the president must come forward and formulate concrete measures to deal with this issue. The higher judiciary also ought to take suo motu notice of these killings. This violent episode must be investigated thoroughly and the culprits brought to book.

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