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Killing a lady aid worker

THROUGH your esteemed paper, I would like to congratulate the brave Taliban of Afghanistan and their ilk in Pakistan and elsewhere for shooting down an unarmed lady aid worker who had been helping the underprivileged and orphaned children in education and health sector.

Her only fault was that she belonged to a different faith and was suspected of preaching the same to them.

Well done, the Taliban seem to have done great service to Islam by shooting down an unarmed lady in the streets of Kabul for everyone to see that this is what will happen to anyone who dares to share the grief and misery of the widows, orphans and disabled by the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Will Qazi Hussein Ahmad rise to the occasion and send a team of lady volunteers headed by a truly trusted Muslim lady doctor to replace the slain lady so that our faith is no more in danger and the humanitarian work interrupted by the great Talibs of knowledge could be resumed?
Source: Dawn