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Kidnapped Pakistani journalist, killed in air strike on Taliban hideout

Abdul Aziz Shaheen, a local journalist working for local dailies “Azadi “and “Khabarkar” in the troubled district of Swat in the NWFP province of Pakistan, was killed on August 29, in an attack by jet fighters on a Taliban hideout, where he was being held by the Taliban.

Shaheen had gone to Peuchar area of Tehsil Matta of Swat to investigate who was responsible for setting his car on fire a week earlier. As he was talking to local people, the local Taliban kidnapped Shaheen and imprisoned him in a private Taliban jail.

A spokesman of Taliban Muslim Khan told media that the compound where Shaheen was detained was attacked by a jet fighter and the journalist was among the more than 20 persons reported killed in air attack.

Shaheen, 35, leaves behind a wife, three sons and one daughter. He was buried on August 31. His colleagues said Shaheen was a brave and bold journalist, and that the Taliban were angered by the many reports that he had written about their activities.

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) strongly condemned the
killing of Abdul Aziz. A statement issued by the PFUJ said “the government appears to be non-serious towards security issues confronting journalists, particularly in the tribal areas.” The PFUJ statement added that journalists were getting life threats and some even received warning letters to leave their area.
Source: PPF