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‘Khalid Moin’s poetry rejects violation of human rights’

Pakistan Press Foundation

By: Zaib Azkaar Hussain

Karachi: Glowing tributes were paid to renowned poet Khalid Moin during the launching of his fourth Urdu poetry collection titled ‘Na-gahan’ at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Saturday.

Prominent journalist and writer Ahfazur Rehman, who presided over the function, said that Moin has used unique metaphors in order to highlight social, political, cultural and even psychological issues of this society in his poetry. “Moin has presented true resistance poetry by condemning and rejecting terrorism and violation of human rights and his entire poetry depicts that Moin happens to be a perfect humanist who rejects the violation and exploitation of human rights in any form,” he added. Referring to the poems and Ghazals of Moin, Ahfaz said that he (Moin) proved to be a more articulate and skilful poet in portraying the pains of life with true modern expression.

In his speech, Javed Saba said: “Moin is a poet who never compromised on his principles and instead rejected opportunism and promoted healthy values in his poetry”. He described Khalid Moin as a thorough gentleman and a perfect modern poet.

Rashid Noor, who conducted the proceedings, observed that apart from being a senior journalist Moin happens to be such a poet who has distinguished himself from his contemporaries due to his fresh and creative diction in Urdu poetry.

Ambreen Haseeb Ambar highlighted the qualities of Moin’s poetry, saying that his fourth collection was totally a different volume than his past three collections wherein he proved himself to be a more talented poet. Elaborating her viewpoint, Ambar said that Moin had previously touched romantic topics and issues, but in his latest collection he has discussed many issues revolving around society and politics as well as touching national and international matters with more creative expression.

On the occasion, a group of singers and composers including Paras Masroo, Ali Rizvi and Sajjad Hussain presented some of Moin’s poems and Ghazals, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

It may be mentioned here that ‘Na-gahan’ has already been discussed at Arts Council at an event arranged by the Ham Khial Adabi Forum (HKAF).

Speaking at the event, President HKAF Zahid Hussain, Tauqeer Chughtai, Qamar Afzal Qamar, Khursheed Alam, Taqueer Taqi, Shabbir Nazish and Faiz Alam Babar said that Moin has made his mark by covering serious issues of society in a modern poetic aesthetical perspective.

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