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KESC shows distress over SSGC’s negative media campaign

Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has expressed distress over what it termed a negative media campaign by the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and also called upon the SSGC to give top priority to the people of Karachi for gas supply to fulfil their power needs and keep the city’s lights on.

A statement issued by the KESC on Thursday said that the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) and City District Government Karachi (CDGK) owe billions of rupees to the KESC but their electricity supply had neither been curtailed nor cut off in the best interest of the population of Karachi who could not be deprived of the basic amenities.

On the contrary, the KESC maintains uninterrupted electricity supply to both the agencies as a public service even at the cost of huge amount of revenue. Quite often, the KESC burns most expensive furnace oil, 2.5 times more expensive than gas, to continue power supply to water pumping stations of KWSB and street lights of CDGK, said the statement.

However, the SSGC appears to be quite unmindful of the citizens’ interest in spite of being a public sector organisation. The KESC has never been given priority for gas supply although it has the most important responsibility to keep the city’s life going on. Priority is given to fertiliser factories and commercial units whereas the power utility which actually serves the general public all the time is kept on the lowest in the priority list of the SSGC, claimed the statement.

All the players in the power sector and fuel supply chain should recognise the fact that circular debt is a national issue which has caused a liquidity crisis and all energy sector companies are affected by it. It is not understandable why the SSGC is targeting the KESC alone as if circular debt is a sole responsibility of the KESC, said the statement of power utility.

It added that the government has to take notice of this myopic approach being adopted by the SSGC which is further aggravating the problem resulting in more chaos for companies already hit hard by circular debt.

The SSGC’s inability to supply agreed upon volume of gas has adversely affected KESC’s cash flow. It is surprising that the SSGC was blaming KESC and not focusing on fulfilling its own responsibility, said the statement

The KESC being one of the largest customers of the state-run gas company expects better response from the SSGC rather than indulging into media war. The SSGC does not have the mandate to try and solve a national issue in isolation of the larger problem, it said.
Source: The News