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Karo-kari jirga: hunt for community elder

Shamim Shamsi
SUKKUR, September 20 2005: The Sukkur police have launched a hunt for Ali Nawaz Abro, an elder of the Abro community, who declared Rasheed Abro and Tasleem Abro as karo and kari in a jirga verdict.

Tasleem and Rasheed were married with the permission of the Sindh High Court.

In this connection, the Site police conducted raids on Sunday September 18 night in Golimar, New Pind and other areas and arrested three persons.

They were identified as Baig Mohammad, Karim Bux and Abdul Razzaq Abro.

Police alleged that they were involved in a jirga in which Tasleem and Rasheed were declared karo and kari after their marriage.

The jirga had decided that they be killed for not follwong the tradition of arranged marriage.

More raids were being conducted for Ali Nawaz Abro, the elder of the Abro community, who had presided over the jirga.

It may be mentioned here that Tasleem and Rasheed Abro has married of their own free will some time back while their community was against the marriage.

It may be mentioned that the Sindh High Court had banned jirga in Sindh early this year but despite that jirga are being held by chieftains across Sindh.

KARO-KARI JIRGA: A jirga was held in Sanhri village near Moro in Naushahro Feroze district on Sunday night to resolve bloody dispute between Noondho and Chandio groups during which 12 people from the either side were killed.

The dispute had started after a marriage of hardened criminal Sikandar Noondho with Arbeli Chandio.

The jirga in all imposed fine of Rs4.2 million over both the sides.

The Gadi Nashin of Dargah Suleman Shah, Shah Mohammad Shah and Shabbir Ahmed Shah, presided over the jirga.

After hearing both the parties at length, eight murders were proved over the Noondho side while four murders were proved over Chandio side. The jirga imposed fine of Rs2.7 millions over the Noondho side for killing eight people of the rival group and declaring Ms Arbeli as kari.

The Chandio side would pay fine of Rs1.5 million to the Noondho side for killing four people.

It may be mentioned here that early this year Sikandar Noondho with connivance of his wife Arbeli had killed his father-in-law, mother-in-law, four brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law and buried their bodies in the courtyard of their house.

To take revenge of the killing, the Chandios last month had killed four women of the Noondho side.
Source: Dawn