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=> KARACHI: The Election Commission of Pakistan has a

KARACHI: The Election Commission of Pakistan has almost finalised arrangements for the general elections but most government employees are still doubtful about holding the elections on schedule.

During a visit to the provincial ECP office and different offices of the provincial government, it was observed that many employees — from peons to officers – have different questions about the upcoming elections. Most of them were concerned about the deteriorating law and order situation and some were of the view that the elections would be rescheduled on account of political maneuvering.

Even ECP employees were unsure about the upcoming elections. They had different doubts but two were common ­ the law and order situation and political changes.
“We are concerned about being able to hold the upcoming elections peacefully,” a grade-17 officer said. He was unable to describe exactly what he meant, and only said that anything could happen before the elections.

One ECP officer said that they were ready to conduct the elections on January 8, but even ECP offices were damaged in the post-BB assassination violence. He was of the opinion that if the elections were delayed again, it would be because of political changes.

A few provincial government officers were of the view that the upcoming elections should be held according to schedule, and not be postponed no matter what. “Any delay or postponement would leave negative impacts oil our country and its political system,” said one officer.

Another ECP officer said that the Commission would have to restart and the government would suffer financial losses if the upcoming elections were rescheduled.

Provincial Election Commissioner Chaudhry Qamaruz Zaman was confident that the elections would be held according to schedule. He said that the ECP has almost completed the arrangements for the elections. According to him, they have done much work on the restoration of the infrastructure that was damaged after December 2-7.
Source: Daily Times