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=> KARACHI – Media industry can play a very important

KARACHI – Media industry can play a very important role in maintaining the good governance in the country, said Ziagham Khan, the trainer of a workshop entitled Parliamentary Journalists held here on Wednesday under the auspices of the USAID.

He said that media is the fourth pillar of the state where it has a very important role to play for sustaining a democratic set-up. He further said that main function of the media remains holding government accountable, bringing transparency through watching its functions and supporting the rule of law thereby creating stability. Secondly, by publicising issues such as public engagement in security and economic growth so that the scope of debate could be broadened. Thirdly, media plays a vital role in educating people to understand and provide them easy access to the government.

Ziagham Khan said the journalist community at present was facing many problems including security, tight schedule, workload, lack of access to resources and failure to train its members.

In the second session titled, ‘Digging Deeper: Investigative Research in Journalism.Â’ Khan came out with objective analysis of investigative reporting pointing out three things required namely, reporting based on ones own initiative, matter of importance and how others wish to keep it a secret.

“Investigative reporting is a hybrid, it combines basic journalism reporting skills with more advanced research, raw material like extensive interviewing and comparing facts and figures, new patterns and connections.” An investigative reporter is required to engage in a prolonged inquiry, compiling a research dossier from which a story is written compels reporters and editors to manage time, he said.
Source: The Nation