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=> KARACHI (January 18 2008): On the call of Sindh Ba

KARACHI (January 18 2008): On the call of Sindh Bar Council (SBC), the lawyers fraternity on Thursday observed strike throughout Sindh and resolved to continue its struggle for the restoration of judiciary to its November 3, 2007 position.

All court proceedings at different levels and in different districts in the province remained suspended, judges and magistrates remained in their chambers only after showing their presence for a short period in court. The litigants waited in vain for their lawyers to tell them when courts would resume normal function.

Prisoners, who were brought to the courts to attend to their dates, were seen sitting in the corridors of the City Courts. Later, they were packed and transported back to jail. Unsure of the next date of hearing, some of the prisoners were seen protesting against the strike and suspension of work in courts.

Chairman of Human Rights Committee of the Sindh Bar Council Aaqil Lodhhi, told Business Recorder that there was complete strike across Sindh, lawyers staged protest march, arranged corner meetings and adopted resolution to remain united in all circumstances.

The meeting of lawyers expressed concern over wheat flour shortage and increase in its prices, frequent load shedding and abrupt power breakdown and the inability of the government to establish its writ. Lodhi said that the struggle of the lawyers would remain peaceful but persistent on the basic issues.

He said that in view of the SBC steps toward the restoration of democracy, holding of elections and giving back civil rights to the people of Pakistan without the grant of independence to the judiciary would remain meaningless.

He said that those judges, who did not take oath, were with the lawyer’s community. They had assured them of their co-operation, and whenever need be, they would attend their meetings and protests.

He said that the protesting lawyers were seized of the problems of the litigants and would not let them suffer for no fault of theirs. Lodhi said that the judges also knew this problem and there were assurances from them to proceed with pending cases with faster pace.
Source: Business Recorder