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KARACHI: HRCP seminar stresses on basic rights

KARACHI: Providing basic facilities like food, shelter, health and education is the basic responsibility of government and unless this responsibility is fulfilled, the dream of putting the country on the path of progress and prosperity cannot materialise. This was observed by speakers at a seminar held here under the auspices of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). The speakers included HRCP Director Mr I. A. Rehman, Mr Asad Saeed, Dr Qaiser Bengali and representatives from various NGOs. They noted that in Pakistan, government did not recognise the importance of fundamental rights. They stressed on reforming the system and making new human rights laws, as well as effective implementation of the laws.

Pakistan spends a very amount from budget on education and health sectors and this shows that its rulers do not consider health and education as important sectors, according to the speakers.
They observed that depriving people of their basic rights was the main reason for the political and economic backwardness of the country and a cause of instability. Pakistan could not be developed until its governments recognised and restored people’s fundamental rights and ensured their social protection, they said. The speakers pointed out that no government could deny food, shelter, education and health to its citizens as provision of these essentials of life was a citizen’s fundamental right. It was the responsibility of a government to ensure that people were getting these basic facilities.

Dr Qaiser Bengali said that time had changed and people had now set up various associations to wage a struggle to attain their fundamental rights. He observed that such struggles were, in fact, stronger than movements of other causes. He suggested that social rights be included in the UN declaration on Human Rights as its integral part. He said that the right to live was linked with the right to livelihood, health and education. He stressed that government should fulfil its responsibility of provide a job to every deserving citizen. Similarly, he added, shelter was a citizen’s natural right and government was bound to ensure availability of a piece of land available to him for residential purpose. The speakers also emphasised on identifying priorities and waging collective struggle to attain other basic rights.
Source: Dawn