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=> KARACHI: After a 77-day closure, Geo News and Geo

KARACHI: After a 77-day closure, Geo News and Geo Super finally resumed transmission on Monday, sending a wave of jubilation across the country.

A large number of families while welcoming the event termed it akin to the return of a missing person of the family as they thought they were incomplete in the absence of Geo News. A large number of people from different walks of life have termed it the restoration of democracy in the country. They said media freedom would play its role in ensuring free and fair general elections in the country.

On Monday, January 21, at 6 pm, a large number of Pakistanis, sitting in front of their TV sets, watched the reopening of their favourite Geo News and Geo Super channels on cable and welcomed it with joyous slogans of “Geo to aisay jiyo,” and “ Geo ko jeenay do”.

Numerous phone calls were received at the Geo News offices since early morning on Monday congratulating the Geo team. Everyone was eager to get his statement recorded on the historic moment of reopening of the popular channels. The people continued to felicitate the Geo team till 6pm.

Most people consider the news, news analysis and other informative programmes presented by Geo News as reliable and factual. Many said they did not consider any news reliable till it was telecast by the Geo News.

Geo News’ transmission was suspended after the imposition of emergency in the country on November 3. The transmission was restored on satellite on November 17. But viewers of television through cable of emergency in the country on November 3. The transmission was restored on satellite on November 17. But viewers of television through cable networks were unable to watch the Geo News channel for the last two and half months. A large number of viewers had purchased dish antennas to watch their favourite television channel on TV.

Geo News continued its coverage of important national and international events during the ban. However, the viewers who depended on cable transmission could not avail of the opportunity to watch important news material.

A family residing in Lahore said that they would offer thanksgiving prayers on the restoration of Geo News channel and would distribute sweets among their relatives to celebrate the occasion.

They said after Geo News had been banned, they thought some one from their family had disappeared. They remained under mental stress during the period. The Geo team went through a agonising period during the 77 days of ban. The reporters and workers of Geo News were stopped and consistently asked about the reopening of this channel by the people. This was a demonstration of the love and affection of the people of Pakistan towards their cherished news channel. Everyone wanted to know when Geo News will be restored.

In 77 days of restrictions and difficulties , the perseverance and determination of the Geo News team proved that the journey must go on despite limited resources.

The workers and members of the channel distributed sweets and cut cakes. There were tears in their eyes and they were greeting each other on the reappearance of their cherished channel. Every member of the team worked diligently and patiently during the two and half months of the ban. There was not a single moment in these months when anyone of the team could have felt weakened or undeterred. Their hopes remained high and they continued to look into the future. They were all links in a chain.

On the other side, leaders of the political parties, representatives of lawyers, human rights organisations, students, workers’ federations, representatives of journalists’ organisations and others also have welcomed the restoration of Geo News on cable. The lawyers fraternity has also conveyed their heartfelt felicitations on this important development before the general election in the country. They thought it would be helpful in the holding of free and fair elections.

August 14, 2002 was a memorable day in the history of Pakistan when Geo News started its transmission in the country. Then it became a part and parcel of every Pakistani’s life within days. People hoped that Geo News after its revival would continue to provide factual stories to the people and remain the favourite channel of the people in the country.

During the period of restriction, people from every walk of life visited the offices of Geo News and wrote on the wall boards their heartfelt feelings over the imposition of restrictions on their favourite news and entertainment channels. The public sentiments displayed on wall boards encouraged the Geo News team and they continued their struggle for the revival and reopening of the channel .

With all this cheerfulness and scenes of happiness, it is a welcome note that a sports channel Geo Super, for the people of every age in Pakistan has also been restored on cable. The fans of cricket, hockey, squash, football, snooker, and many other games would be able to enjoy these sports on their favourite sports channel. People have welcomed Geo Super’s restoration on cable networks. A large numbers of televison viewers have sent emails, sms messages and made phone calls to felicitate the team on the restoration of Geo Super.

Geo Super was welcomed when it started its transmission. People were aware of the fact that a channel with such lively transmission of the sports events would be provide them opportunities to view all important events of the sports world.

Geo Super has created an atmosphere of healthy activities by presenting a fascinating glimpse of the players and sports events in the country.

Whenever Pakistan entered into an important sports event, the Geo Super focused it and made arrangements to present it to the Pakistani viewers.
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