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Judiciary, Press more free than before: Jabbar

LAHORE- Advisor to the Chief Executive on Media Development Javed Jabbar has claimed that judiciary, Press as well as other institutions are more independent than before. Speaking at the inauguration of the Second Intechmart Pakistan 2000, Javed Jabbar said that the institutionalisation had not been disturbed in the country by his government.

“Judiciary is more independent under the new government and about 87 per cent judges have taken oath under the PCO that indicates that they have also justified the legal status of the government,” he added. He said the judges who declined to take oath under the new law were also competent and he had full respect for them. Javed said that Press especially the Urdu Press was more critical of the government and it was enjoying full liberty and independence of expression.

He claimed his government had avoided to disturb the working of the institutions and all the institutions were performing their duties.

Source: The Nation