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‘Journalists should promote peace, harmony’

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SUKKUR: Steven L. Youngblood, who is an internationally acclaimed journalist and Director of Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University, spoke at a seminar here on Friday.

Addressing journalists at the Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (IBA), he said: “We must differentiate between negative peace and positive peace, because it is extremely important for working journalists to identify differences between the two.”

The aim of the seminar was to apprise working journalists about the daily life narrative they use in their stories. To further explain this topic, he said: “Negative peace is all about absence of violence, which means that, chances of unrest surfacing are very much there, while positive peace means sustainable peace, which can be strengthened through providing equality of religion and opportunities for all.”

In this regard, he said that governments, universities and journalists can play an essential role and can become the part of positive peace.

“The governments, by taking corrective measures, can create atmosphere conducive to peace,” he said. “Similarly, the journalists while framing their stories must try not to put petrol on fire instead should form their stories in such a way that they promote peace and harmony among various sects or parties.”

Referring to the conflict stories about refuges, internally displaced persons or women, the internationally acclaimed journalist said, “We must avoid using sensational and victimisation language to avoid further damage.”

He said: “Ironically, today our journalist fraternity is using sensational language just to get more ratings for their TV channels or newspapers, but it is wrong. We must use journalism as a tool for reconciliation and stop running after the rating.”

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