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Journalists from Pakistan and other Asian countries share experience on media development

By Raziq Ali Shah

ISLAMABAD: A number of journalists from Asian and African countries including Pakistan at a workshop held in Beijing recently applauded the role of Chinese media in the national development and agreed that they could learn from Chinese experience.They were informed about China booming economy, thriving tourist’s resorts and chuckling factories and the contribution of Chinese media in achieving the national glory.They were also apprised about the untiring stamina of the Chinese people to make the country one of the biggest powers in the years to come.

The workshop organized by World Media Summit (WMS) was at aiming boast journalist capacity of newsmen from the developing and under developed countries about the active role of media in enhancing a country’s image and overcoming various issues.

The WMS was launched to build a platform for media institutions around the world to enhance communication, share information and experience and carry out. It was a joint proposal of Xinhua News Agency, News Corporation, The Associated Press (AP), Reuters, ITAR-TASS, Kyodp News, BBC, Turner Broadcasting System and Google.

During the 10-day workshop, the journalists were imparted training in various field including online journalism, Video journalism and New Technology, Running the Digital Newsroom and Objectivity; writing for picture and the challenges of reporting in Afghanistan.

Eminent journalists from Xinhua, Itar-Tas BBC, CNN, Al Jezeera, AP, Kyodo News agency,etc delivered marathon lecutures on various topics for visiting journalists.

The journalists were also apprise of the giant strides that China has made in the socio-economic fields. China is being labeled as a development model for the third world countries as the success achieved by this communist state rivaled those as achieved by the western powers in the past few centuries. In fact, as the group of journalists was told globalization is shrinking the world and China as a successful model is shrinking the west.

While Beijing is a city of old dynesties and civilization, Shanghai a business center, Tianjin is the leading port city and tourist resort. Unimaginable high-tech facilities are provided to the tourists where sitting in a room one can have a virtual tour of this whole wasteland covering hundreds of thousands of land. Then of course there is Tibet , a region known for the high flying railways and mind boggling sceneries that only one can imagine. The wonders of Great Wall add another feather to these miraculous resorts.

The economic achievements of China have rendered many economists and financial experts dumb advocating the benefits of capitalist system. China is the fast growing economy of the world for the last six years with annual gross domestic product evaluated in double digits. Moreover, as the world is grappling with the devouring inflations and decreasing figures and statistics in terms of economic gains, China tells the story quite different.

With its burgeoning economy and financial strength, China is winning the race for exploring the untapped resources of Asian and African countries. China had invested hugely in very diverse sectors in these continents ranging from mine exploration, provisions of eatables, textile and huge machineries.

Another feature that Chinese policy makers boast if their positive image in countries like Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh and other African countries like Nigeria and Algeria. According to a recent Pew research Survey, the popularity rate of China in Nigeria has reached to the mark of 70 percent; the highest rate for any foreign country.

While Chinese firms are contributing in the development of these economies, they are also getting huge dividends in return. Moreover, china is also focusing on the developed countries’ market and the days are not away, as the participants were told that China will start shrinking the west, as the saying goes in the literature books.
Source: Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)