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Journalists asked to verify news

KARACHI- A spokesman for Sindh Government has asked the journalists to play positive role and verify every news before its publication.

The spokesman said the prevailing situation demands complete unity and solidarity of the nation. At this critical juncture, the media can play a very effective role to promote harmony, tranquility and unity among all ranks of the people.

The newsmen should guide the people through their dispatches and highlight the importance of country’s stability and maintenance of a peaceful atmosphere so that government’s hands are strengthened to meet any challenge faced to the country and to foil the nefarious designs of anti-state elements.

Referring to various news items published in different newspapers regarding death toll in Jacobabad on Sunday, the spokesman pointed out that only one person died in incident of violence, while newspapers reported exaggerated death toll.

Denying a statement of Moulana Ghafoor Haideri, he said only one-person lost life in the Jacobabad incident.

The spokesman requested the newsmen to avoid publication of incorrect statements and news items in the national interest.

Source: The Nation