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Journalistic English-Urdu dictionary launched

ISLAMABAD: The launching ceremony of book titled “Jadid Sahafti Angraizi-Urdu Lugat” (Advance Journalistic English-Urdu Dictionary) by senior journalist and broadcaster working with BBC London, Syed Rashid Ashraf, was held at Pakistan Academy of Letters here on Wednesday. Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Tariq Azeem was the chief guest at the ceremony. Zahid Malik, Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, Mohsin Raza and Shamim Ikram-ul-Haq addressed the ceremony. A large number of people from different walks of life as well as from literary world attended the ceremony.The Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Tariq Azeem said that the book would be helpful for the journalists and students as well as for people belonging to all professions. This book is very interesting to read and will increase the knowledge of the readers. Very different and difficult Urdu and English terminologies are used in this book. Rashid has spent a long period of his life in Europe but his command on Urdu language is commendable,” the minister said. He also appreciated National Language Authority, which has published this book.
While speaking on the occasion Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters, Iftikhar Arif said, “this is first time in the history of literature that Rashid Ashraf has written this English to Urdu dictionary especially for the facilitation of journalists. This dictionary consist of 494 pages, the thing which distinguishes it from other dictionaries is that along with the word there are only one or two Urdu meanings which will facilitate the journalists instead of confusing them. Abbreviations and phrases are also available with the words. Agha Nasir expressing his views said, this book is very beneficial and interesting, and journalists and Public Relation Officers (PRO) can get benefit from this book. He called this book a tool, and an encyclopedia especially produced for the journalists. Very simple and common words are used which will help the masses as well as journalists. Shamim Ikram-ul-Haq also adressed the function.
Source: Nation