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Journalist, poet Anwer Pirzado remembered

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KARACHI: Speakers on the eighth death anniversary of poet and journalist Anwer Pirzado on Sunday discussed his multifaceted personality and his contribution to Sindhi literature in the form of poetry, journalism and investigation into the nuances of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s poetry.

“Basically, he was a lover of beauty, which he saw epitomised in Sindh and Bhitai,” said Dr Fehmida Hussain of the Sindhi Language Authority, who presided over the meeting jointly organised by the Anwer Pirzado Academy and the Latif Chair of the University of Karachi at the Arts Council of Pakistan.

Besides, a collection of his essays titled Cultural heritage of Sindh was also launched on the occasion.

She said the late Mr Pirzado had progressive approach to things; he analysed the life and times of Bhitai by his own unconventional means and investigation and found the great poet was a rebel against the establishment during his times.

“Anwer would say in Bhitai’s times Sufism was a progressive aspect of religion and in his many poems Bhitai confronted the established norms and repression,” she said.

Speakers said Pirzado opted to live a self-governing life after his services as a pilot officer from Pakistan Air Force were terminated reportedly for writing a letter from East Pakistan which contained pro-Shaikh Mujeebur Rehman observations.

Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, a provincial assembly lawmaker belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional, said Pirzado was a beautiful poet, yet he was never shy of breaking traditions and finding his own way. She also recited some of his famous poems.

Poet Fehmida Riaz spoke about her association with the late Pirzado and said that he had no respect for those oppressing the oppressed.

Writer Rauf Nizamani said that Anwer strove for democracy throughout his life, which was evident from the fact that he resisted those who were against the elections for Sindhi Adabi Sangat during Gen Zia’s rule.

“He lost election for the office of secretary general but he conceded his defeat with an open heart and assisted the incumbent leader.”

Aijaz Mangi, Imdad Chandio, Surraiya Makhdoom, Hameeda Ghanghro and Rubina Abro also spoke.

The late Pirzado`s son Amar moderated the proceedings.

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