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Journalist gunned down in Khairpur

Pakistan Press Foundation

A policeman and his accomplices allegedly murdered a journalist affiliated with a Sindhi newspaper, the daily Chinag and a member of Ranipur Press Club, Ishtiaq Sodhoro, within the limits of Kumbh police station district Khairpur on Friday morning.

According to the FIR and Sodhoro’s wife Razia, the culprits attacked her husband outside their home when he was busy constructing the gate of their house.

She added that after an argument, the accused, Pir Bux, Saen Bux, Nabi Bux, Nazeer Hussain and Zahid Hussain, attacked Sodhoro.

He was taken to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries. Widow of Sodhoro alleged her husband was murdered under the directions of Imamuddin, a police official.

Police have arrested the three people named in the FIR. However, the family and friends of Sodhoro alleged that the main culprit, Imamuddin, was at large and had not been traced and staged a protest in the city and demanded to trace the culprits immediately.

Source: The Express Tribune

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