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Jirga ‘settles’ karo-kari dispute

SHIKARPUR: A Jirga settled a dispute over Karo-kari between two groups belonging to the Junejo and Phulpotta tribes on Monday at Mirzapur. After the proceedings, the Jirga presided over by Imtiaz Junejo declared a member of the Phulpotta tribe as Kari with a pregnant woman, wife of a member of the Junejo tribe.

According to the verdict, the male accused will have to pay Rs800,000 fine to the victim party of the Juneja tribe. The male accused paid Rs200,000 on the spot and promised to pay the remaining amount after two months.

The woman had been killed by her husband, resident of the village of Arbab Junejo, and his relatives in katcha area near Madeji on the pretext of Karo-kari.


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