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Jirga may have convicted dead women of Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: A shocking clue is said to have surfaced during the police investigation at Quetta that a small Jirga of the Umrani tribe might have been held a night before the unfortunate girls were brutally tortured before burying them alive.

One source said the terrible decision to torture and then bury those girls was actually taken after a lot of discussion among the so far unknown participants of the Jirga. This mystery, if resolved, might soon unfold the names of those powerful people of the area who had held the Jirga and decided to punish those girls.

The police also plan to finally lay hand on those powerful forces which had actually forced the local police not to take action against the perpetuators of the crime. As the investigation is moving fast, police investigators are now getting convinced that those girls were not only brutally beaten with clubs, but were actually shot at and finally buried in one grave. This mindset actually confirms the earlier version of the story that those girls were actually injured and then buried when they were still alive.

Top level sources have claimed that one of the arrested accused, who is being investigated at Quetta by a special team working under the guidance of Tariq Khosa, had finally started cooperating with the investigators and was now sharing very crucial information. The information is said to have helped the police to make its own mind that how the whole incident might have taken place once those girls were abducted at gun point in front of many onlookers and how they were subjected to this kind of inhuman treatment. Meanwhile, the police have also launched a big search for the taxi driver who had taken those girls to Usta Muhammad, where they were supposed to marry in a court of law.
Source: The News