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Javed Jabbar to open International Cultural Television (ICTV)

KARACHI- Javed Jabbar Minister for Information and Media Development will inaugurate the International Cultural Television soon. ICTV is due to start its regular transmission over the Telestar Satellite covering the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Hawain and Caribbean islands.

After its formal inauguration on the 2nd September 2000 in Los Angles and California ICTV will be broadcasting a large variety of only Pakistani programs including News English, News Kashmir, Docudramas, Plays, Serials, Music programs, Comedy shows, Talk shows, Live Interviews, Sports and much more.

ICTV will also be available throughout Europe and Asia in the next few months and will soon Inshallah, cover the globe.

ICTV is a venture of the Ampak Group, which is a part of BAS industries, USA, a multibillion dollar corporation, whose Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Farooq Bajwa, a Pakistani national.

By binging ICTV “onair’ within a span of a few months, Bajwa already a full well known and successful businessmen in the field of computer manufacturing, has fulfilled a promise he made earlier this year to the chief Executive in the Government and the people of Pakistan, to project and promote a positive image of Pakistan world wide.

Source: Business Recorder