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Jang Group boycott by PTI chief a bid to fool nation: PPP leader

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LAHORE: Hyder Zaman Qureshi — senior vice-president of PPP south Punjab — said the press conference by PTI chief Imran Khan in which he announced a complete boycott of Geo News and Jang Group after one year of the general elections was another gimmick to fool the nation.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Qureshi said the abrupt position vis-a-vis a media group and the former CJP almost a year after the general elections was shocking and equally disturbing to say the least as it raised many questions for the PTI brigade to answer.

He asked what had happened that forced Imran Khan to blast and target a media group and the former chief justice of Pakistan (CJP). “Does Khan Sahib think the people of Pakistan are so naive and ill-informed or does he think he can play around with their perceived political immaturity or a memory lapse phenomena?”

He asked why it took Imran 12 months to finally realise and identify the real bad guys behind the alleged election rigging and the warehouse where the punctures were sorted out. “Did Khan not know this when he was all praise for the former CJP in Court Room No 1 and rendering an unconditional apology to the former CJP and when he had to eat his own words,” questioned the PPP leader.

Qureshi further asked if Khan had not spotted the so-called rigging nexus (Geo and the former CJP) when he used to praise the media group and its coverage and programming content and independence in dozens of media programmes, including ‘Capital Talk’.

Qureshi also questioned the timing of the sudden move and said Imran opted to speak against the Jang Group at a time when it was being targeted and involved in an unpleasant situation with the armed forces that mattered for all Pakistanis.

“Did Khan realise and formulate conclusively that the media group was the real engine of rigging and for creating perceptions in favour of the PML-N in winning the elections,” the PPP leader asked.

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