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Jami tweets about being sexually assaulted

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Director, cinematographer and storyteller, Jamshed Mehmood Raza, colloquially known as ‘Jami’, took to twitter earlier this week and wrote about why he is supporting the #MeToo movement.

In a long thread on Twitter, Jami stated, “Why I’m strongly supporting the #MeToo because I know exactly how it happens now, inside a room then outside courts and how a survivor hides confides because I was brutally raped by a very powerful person in our media world. A giant actually. And yes, I’m taller than him but I froze not sure why it really happened to me.”

Jami wrote about being frozen and that he was close to the man and therefore shutdown instead of reacting and his system “shutdown”. He reiterates how painful it has been for him, especially when the man showed up at his father’s funeral and Jami was devastated.

He recounted on Twitter, “I was hiding inside my own home telling mother who was also busy with her own pain to run out and stop him from coming.”

The note goes on and as for why Jami is talking now, he stated, “#MeToo is under attack and I’m partially ready to vomit out my own experience. It’s all true what the victim says and hides…

“I know it’s a suicide what I’m writing right now but this is important before they harm the movement…”

#MeToo is not gender-specific but Jami’s reasons to relive his worst nightmare on Twitter is the strongest thing he could’ve done to lend his support to a movement that had been withering away due to many reasons.

Speaking to Instep after the colossal response that is coming his way, Jami, who (in his tweet) even admitted that he was on Xanax and his behaviour became erratic, told Instep his reasons for telling his story now.

“I wanted to find the right time to come out some day, one day but after a week of attacks on our survivor of Lahooti Melo and accusing her of a fake letter, which I read and yesterday’s shameful tragic suicide because of wrongful accusations, I felt it was time. #MeToo will be hijacked and butchered. So, it is time.”

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