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Jahangir Hossain brings ‘The Colour of Mind’ to Hamail

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LAHORE: A solo exhibition titled, “The Colour of Mind” showcasing paintings by Jahangir Hossain commenced at the Hamail Art Galleries on Wednesday.

Hossains’s paintings are deeply passionate and emotionally charged. “I paint what I feel, straight from my heart,” Hossain told Daily Times, as he talked about his thought process when he paints.

The medium that he employs is oil and acrylic and he seems to be comfortable using both of them. The themes and subjects of his work vary – from rural women to cityscapes, and horse-riders. However, the over-arching symbolic significance of the themes that he presents on the canvas are the relationships that human beings have with one another as well with nature and his surroundings.

His work shows a lot of observation of the city and the city life, yet the rural is always somehow connected. For example, in his landscape paintings with urban buildings, there is always a rickshaw or a bicycle in the composition.

Most of the subjects that he paints are stylistic rather than realistic. His work is mostly influenced by realism, expressionism and abstract art.

His work is a celebration of human values and love, and leaves one to think about the respect that each one of us ought to give to another. Hossain said, “I want to bring out happiness, because it is such a universal phenomenon and everyone needs to feel that inner happiness,” which is also the reason why most of Hossain’s compositions despite the intensity of emotion in his work are occupied with soft, delightful colours. As he put it himself, “I want to create a sense of calm and serenity.”

Hossain is a Dhaka-born artist and his compositions inevitably have a traditional Bengali touch to them, especially in his paintings of the rural women.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Professor Saeed Akhtar and was attended by many art enthusiasts including art students. He is also holding an art workshop in Lahore currently.

The exhibition will continue till October 2.

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