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IT promotion crucial for rapid development

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LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Thursday that the promotion of information technology was necessary for rapid development.

The chief minister was speaking to Google Asia-Pacific Public Policy and Government Affairs Director Ann Lavin. Sharif said the government had been implementing a comprehensive programme for the promotion of e-governance. The chief minister said the potential of IT was being utilised for building capacity of various institutions and state-of-the-art technology was being employed to revamp service delivery.

Sharif said full benefit was being derived from digital technology to reform education, health, infrastructure, law and order and police. The chief minister said IT was being utilised in a similar manner with regard to decisions taken under the National Action Plan (NAP) to rid the province of terrorism. He said the Land Information and Management System had facilitated the people by enabling them to obtain ownership deeds and had hastened the elimination of corruption, fraud and forgery.

The chief minister said a system had been evolved for monitoring public affairs by smart phones and the Citizens’ Feedback Monitoring System had ensured the provision of best services to the people.

Sharif said the nation’s first IT varsity had been set up in the metropolis. He said Google’s initiatives for the promotion of culture were of pivotal importance. Welcoming Google’s cooperation with the Lahore Museum, the chief minister said the government was keen on enhancing cooperation with the multinational technology company.

Lavin said Google would increase cooperation with the government in the future. She said a high-level delegation of company officials would arrive in the nation next month. Lavin praised the series of initiatives taken by the CM with regard to the promotion of the IT across the Punjab.

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