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IT Education Plan in North West Frontier Province (NWFP)

The electronic revolution witnessed extra ordinary technical development, and it has gradually transformed the societies into a true global village, bringing the people closer to each other. It overthrew the old communications, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors owing to the computer that has become almost basic integral constituent of all the activities of mankind. This brought changes into the entire spectrum of life and numerous new industries born throughout the world. Pakistan until year 1999 remained a speck ignorant and endeavored only for the development of Internet and broad based communication technologies at macro level. One of the key elements of country’s progress gradually became the development of Information Technology (IT) in Pakistan and involvement of Private sector matured as basic ingredient into this advance.

It is an admitted fact that Pakistan has equally good – if not better -brains as available in any other part of the world, and they only need to be recognized, groomed and advised for a certain career path so that their energies are channeled for the bright future of the country.

Federal Government took numerous steps at the wide range level, facilitating the IT companies to come forward, Invest and expand the base for this field; so that it can be nurtured and its benefits are reaped by both: the nation and its people. It offered many high-end courses at reduced fee and is embarking upon opening up of IT universities etc.

However, these steps failed to recognize the importance and taking the IT education to remote and isolated parts of country where more than 70% population resides. Large companies are not ready to open education centers in these areas, charge little fee and assist the Government in this development activity. Education of IT and its various fields are of fundamental importance without which the IT-culture cannot be built up. Considering IT education’s expensive nature, its availability only to few economically strong aspirants, the Government’s efforts seem to be fetching little. “Government of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Education Department’s initiative (A Development Project) IT Education for under privileged taking IT Education to remote parts, and to provide opportunity to poor aspirants, who form not only 70% of the population but possess majority of brilliant minds is my dream,” says Minister in charge for education.

Though IT Education is expensive, but is not only for the rich, it should also be available to poor. It is not possible to develop IT culture and identify the better brains without its education and understanding brought to lowest possible levels of society. In the Government schools children of poor people study and it is a fact that many of our professionals, whether in politics or science came from such background. It is evident that Information Technology culture is to be evolved and without taking along all the players, it is not possible.

Understanding the significance and the serious political will involved, one of the IT development professional Muhammad Rahat Ullah decided to assist the Government to achieve her coveted goal and start from NWFP. Masarcorn therefore, designed a comprehensive project to take the IT education at grass roots level offering the education to the economically under privileged aspirants. Thus became pioneers in this respect, assisting the Government of NWFP, developing IT culture, bridging the gap between Bachelor’s and Master’s degree by commencing IT education from class VI onwards and up to the level of class XII in the Government run and managed High and Higher Secondary Schools. Each school adjusts one period (class) almost every day for each section of the school. Therefore, students study computers whole year. The best part is that the Government does not have to spend any money for whole project. The objective is to revolutionize the NWFP education sector in general and the 1.T sphere in particular. Charge such a fee from the Government school students which is affordable even by children of manual labor and yet they remain committed and benefiting from GovernmentÂ’s experience of offering education in gratis, settle aspirants for a fee, so that the interest remains.

The Package Offer
Masarcom offers a complete package to co financiers, which includes:

1. Establishment of lab / center.

2. Complete furnishing and furniture.

3. Electrification.

4. Syllabus.

5. Promotion and signboards.

6. Launching ceremony.

7. Continual support.

It offers a very safe investment to potential investors and a high return on investment, because the investors are fully aware of their returns, assets remain in their possession.


Masarcom’s project shall reap following benefits.

· Complement Government’s effort of taking Information Technology and computer education in the remote parts of province.

· Increase exposure of Information Technology.

· Computer education is very expensive; bring it to under privileged and economically poor aspirants at a very low and affordable cost of a manual laborer as well.

· Employment generation both for the technical and non-technical personnel. It is estimated that this project shall generate employment opportunities for approximately 600 technical and 300 non-technical staff in next six months. Till now around 150 staff has already been employed in the project.

· Bringing Information Technology and computer education to remote parts of the province and one of the Government partners in this program implementation (Masarcom) has chosen more than 75% of their schools in rural areas.

· More than 50,000 students shall be trained on the computers every year.

· In a period of six years, whole NWFP shall emerge as silicon valley of Pakistan.

· Involvement of local community in development of education and Information technology.

· Educate the next generation of N.W.F.P especially under privileged class to the field that is changing the way we execute routine activities in our daily lives.

· Develop manpower for highly export oriented activities e.g. software development and system solutions.

· Provide exposure to the young generation of computer sciences at an early age so that huge amounts may not be spent later to gain this education.

· Develop an educational system for the region without Government bearing any costs of implementation.

· Educate and equip the next generation with the necessary tools to enable them to actively participate in all activities of the new global village.

· Impart education in Computer Science at all levels.

· Introduce Computer Certificate and diploma courses.

· Equip the schools and Colleges administration and teachers with the knowledge to better perform their tasks with the help of computers. .

· Introduce computerized financial transactions at the Educational Institutions where these companies will be operating.

· Introduce computerized assessments of teachers performance.

· Introduce computerized grading of individual students.

· Introduce computerized regular monitoring of educational, physical and mental growth of students.

· Introduce educational games in the institutions. It is strongly recommended that the other provinces follow suit to the NWFP’s initiative and perform their share of development of Information Technology in our beloved country.
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