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ISPs still awaiting co-location policy

KARACHI- Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are still awaiting announcement of co-location policy by the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Ltd (PTCL) despite the fact that it was to be made public on August 28.

“We are requesting the PTCL to follow the directives of Federal Minister for Science and Technology Dr Atta-ur-Rehman who had given August 28 for announcement of the policy,” said Sanaullah Bhutta, Chairman, Internet Services Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK).

He said many telephone exchanges were at present not in service due to introduction of digital system in the country.

The ISPAK had made a proposal before Dr Atta seeking these-exchanges on rent so that ISPs could set up their network without wasting money on new infrastructure.

Bhutta felt that using the existing infrastructure of the PTCL would not only benefit the ISPs by saving a lot of money on new equipment and set up but would also help the PTCL who could earn revenue through renting out the infrastructure.

He said the minister had been kind enough to understand the viewpoint of the ISPs and directed the PTCL to come up with a co-location policy by August 28.

“But it is sad that after passing about couple of months no action has been taken in this regard,” he added.

Focussing on other problems of the ISPs, Bhutta said that the ministry should exempt the ISPs from various taxes.

He said that the tax on yearly renewal of licenses of ISPs was hampering the promotion of Internet facility in the country, as this was 20 per cent of total license fee.

Citing India he said that licenses were issued for 15 years and only Re l was charged for their renewal. He demanded of the government to adopt the same policy.

The license fee for Free Data Network Operator is Rs l million per annum, for nationwide internet service the fee is Rs500,000 for metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore etc. the fee is Rs300,000 for smaller cities the fee is Rs100,000 and for Quetta the fee is Rs50,000 per year.

Source: The News