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ISLAMABAD – President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ijaz Abbasi underlined the importance of women’s role in economic activities, saying that without their active part, the economic development could not be achieved.

Addressing a meeting of the women entrepreneurs held here on Thursday, the president urged the women entrepreneurs to take part in the economic activities because they are 60pc of whole population of the Pakistan.

He stated that by nature women are skilled if they are educated or not ICCI will organize workshops for them.

Leader of the women entrepreneurs Samina Fazil said, women are not only to sit idle at homes and raise children they have their role in the society. She said women are better entrepreneurs than men and as they are more active in taking part in the economic activities.

In the meeting Senior Vice President Munawar Iqbal and Vice President Abdul Ghaffar Chaudhry said that 21st century was the century of economic development and without their active participation no nation could not achieve the goal of stability. Women should come forward for the prosperous of the country and ICCI want to promote the women entrepreneurs activities. The meeting was attended by Farah Javeed, Farzana Bashir, Shama Mehmood, Muzammil Sabri, Rohma Azam, Sarya Chishti and others.
Source: The Nation