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=> ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 : Pakistan Federal Union of Jour

ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 : Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), has strongly condemned the remarks of President Pervez Musharraf against one of the most respect journalists of Pakistan and daily DAWN’s London correspondent Mr Ziauddin Ahmed, terming it “insult” to the entire community and demanded apology.

” Its most unforunate that head of the State has incited people to violence and that too in a foreign country against journalists,” PFUJ said in a statement.

PFUJ had been advocating tolerance in a society while President preaching intolerance by asking people to resort violence and than he claimed himself to be the champion in the International war against terrorism.

Pakistani journalist does not need certificate of patriotism from dictators or authoritarian rulers who have no respect for the Constitution, judiciary and media, it said.

“One was not surprise to see such remarks from President Musharraf as he has been critical of Pakistani media for long and post November 3, actions against media was part of his policies to gag the Press,” it said.

Its also not surprising because earlier the President had used similar kind of tone against the Parliamentarians when once asked why he never address the joint session of the Parliament and he said he could have lost temperament.

One wonders whether the abduction or beating of journalists scores of journalists by the intelligence agencies or police were the reflection of what we had heard in London. “Perhaps that is why all those police officers who beaten over two dozen journalists and cameramen were all rewarded and reinstated in their respective position,” PFUJ said.

If President could used such language against seasoned journalists like Ziauddin Ahmed, its not difficult to understand his respect for the freedom of the Press and ruler of law in the country.

PFUJ warned against any harm caused to Ziauddin or his family and said the government will be responsible and direct its affiliated unions to protest against President’s insulting remarks.
Source: Dawn