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=> ISLAMABAD (APP) – National library as a big source

ISLAMABAD (APP) – National library as a big source of informative material endeavors to ensure public access towards diversified knowledge treasures.

Head of Reader Services of the Library Halls told the agency that the library would soon launch a project to establish linkages with other libraries through software imported from America.

The project aimed at ensuring public access to the books and material on major subjects available in these libraries and it would be on ground in next couple of months, he added.

The library having collection of over 200,000 national and international books is serving as real national heritage.

Despite the advent of online reading material, the trend of book reading has increased and now over 200 persons daily visit the faculty for books and newspapers reading, he added.

He said that a few years back the library used to receive around 20 persons a day but now the number of visitors has increased to 200 per day.

He said that they used to organise book exhibitions in the library auditorium and also provide the auditorium for holding of seminars, conferences, cultural and literary to both government and private organizations.

“Public access to libraries can help instilling the habit of book reading in youngsters. The habit of reading among school going students can be further enhanced by giving them special incentives, remarked a lecturer of a local university.
Source: The Nation